February 2018 


Marine Coordination Completed - Sandbank OWF and DanTysk OWF


Since June 2015 Wind and Water has performed Marine Coordination Service for Sandbank OWF and DanTysk OWF for Vattenfall. Sandbank offshore wind farm extends over an area of 60 square kilometres with 72 wind turbines and is located 90 kilometers off the coast of Schleswig-Holstein next to the DanTysk offshore wind farm which operates 80 turbines.

An offshore accommodation platform for 50 people was built to support the project.


During a period of 31 months Wind and Water ApS  assisted with great overview and high level of QHSE. We performed safety drills and many IMCA surveys together with assessments of various maritime endeavours. We handled more than 100,000 transferes and more than 80 vessels on the Sandbank project. On the DanTysk project we took care of more than 130,000 transferes and more than 120 vessels.


January 2018


Supplier Member of IMCA since 2014




WindandWater looking for new business opportunities in 2018


2017 has been a hectic year with lot of projects and completion of running project. Therefore we are looking for new challenges in the new year. We have a group of competent and experienced Master Mariners and Marine Coordinators ready to take on new tasks. You are welcome to contact Mr. Morten Milthers for a discussion of future business cooperation. We are available 24/7/365 or +45 2099 5977 


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