News - 2012

December 2012


Marine Coordinator's Seminar


Again this year WindandWater hosted a very fruitful Marine Coordinators seminar with representatives from seven offshore wind farms. Experiences, developments and challenges were shared across projects. We will like to thank all the participants for the contributions


December 2012


DanTysk Offshore Wind Farm


WindandWater has signed an agreement to provide one Senior Marine Coordinator to Vattenfall's DanTysk project. The Wind farm will be built in the German Sector of the North Sea, but the construction management office is based in Esbjerg Denmark. WindandWater is looking forward to give the project our support


 September 2012


Presentation of the marine coordination at  Anholt Offshore Wind Farm


“Søfartens Ledere”, the Danish union for ship’s officers and leading marine personnel, presented in issue 4 2012 of their magazine an article on the Marine Coordination at the Anholt OWF. The article is in Danish, you can download the article by clicking here


July 2012 


Gunfleet Demonstration Project


WindandWater will supply one Marine Coordinator for the Gunfleet Demonstration Project. An agreement has been made between London Array and DONG Energy, so the Gunfleet Demo Marine Coordination will be carried out from the London Array MC office in Ramsgate, for this reason one more Marine Coordinator is added to the Ramsgate team.
Gunfleet Demo is a two 6MW turbine project, it will be the first Siemens 6MW turbines to be installed offshore


May 2012


Thornton Bank Offshore Wind Farm


Wind and Water have signed a contract with Repower to supply two marine and vessel coordinators for Repower during construction of phase 2 and 3 of Thornton Bank OWF.  Thornton Bank OWF phase 2 and 3 consist of 48 Repower 6,15 MW turbines adding to the six Repower 5MW  turbines all ready installed


April 2012


Marine Coordinator's Log


MC log daily sheet


WindandWater has launched the Marine Coordinators Database. The purpose of this tool is to substitute numerous spread sheets and hand written logs by one simple to use database. From the database a number of different reports can be called; Of course the daily log, but also reports on vessel down time, fuel consumption per hour of operation,  general vessel logs, installation sequences and many more reports. We see this tool not only as a help to the duty MC’s but also as a strong tool for the projects


April 2012


Wind and Water Aps appoints Business Development Manager


Wind and Water Aps has appointed Søren Andersen as Business Development Manager.

We have for some time been looking for ways to further develop our business”, says Morten Milthers and Anker Lauritsen, owners of Wind and Water. “We are delighted that Søren wants to join our management team.  We have a number of contracts on-going, activity is constantly increasing and we are seeking to develop our services all the time. The industry and customer’s requirements change and we like to be at the forefront”

Danish Wind and Water Aps has so far primarily specialized in Marine Coordination, maritime advisory and QA/QC, but have a number of new services we would like to develop and present shortly.  All of these are based on the compressive knowledge we have gained from more than ten years of work in the offshore wind sector. Søren will help us implement these services.

Wind and Water Aps is currently involved in London Array, Anholt, Nordsee Ost and Thornton Bank Offshore Wind Farms

Søren Andersen, Master Mariner. Engineer and MBA is recruited from a position as Rig Operations Manager at Siemens Wind Power.



February 2012


New assignment for Wind and Water - Norsee Ost Offshore Wind Farm


Wind and Water have been awarded the contract to supply four Marine Coordinators for the Norsee Ost Offshore Wind Farm. This willl be one of Germany's first  full scale Wind Farm. Offshore construction work will start at soon. Wind and Water are very pleased about this new assignment and are looking forward to giving RWE our full  support.

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