Marine Coordination



Marine coordination for offshore wind farms


Our core service is marine coordination for offshore wind farms.

The construction phase of an offshore wind farm project is our speciality, we have been engaged in this since the very first offshore wind farms. No other company have the extensive experience we have gathered in this field.


Our team is all experienced master mariners, with a broad experience from the wind farm and offshore industry.  We “speak the language” of the vessels masters and offshore superintendants


Experience in setting up the marine coordination; implementing the relevant planning, procedures and tracking and monitoring tools. Many of our ideas and ways of doing are now more or less “industry standard”


Experience in carrying out the marine coordination;coordinating and keeping track of vessels and personnel.  Monitoring marine safety, audits and advise on marine matters and liaise with all maritime authorities involved. Depending on the organisation of the project, the main tasks for our marine coordinators typically are:

  • Coordination of the traffic at the off- shore site, and to and from the ports of construction
  • Surveillance of the activities offshore
  • Tracking personnel working offshore
  • Weather monitoring and advisory
  • Contact point in case of emergencies
  • Maritime authorities liaison, issuing    Notices to Mariners etc
  • Suitability surveys of vessels engaged in the project
  • Maritime advisors
  • Establishing and maintaining a database of the on and offshore personnel and their relevant training


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